Structures & Tents

Rivertex® Technical Fabrics Group offers a wide range of materials specifically designed for the demands of outdoor use. Many of the materials have been developed with industry experts and have a proven track record in the market.

Materials manufactured and supplied by Rivertex Technical Fabrics Group in the Structures & Tents market range from material for large traditional marquees to lighter products for design orientated promotional structures.

Rivertex® Technical Fabrics Group has supplied materials for structures & Tents for over 30 years, with many end products being to Military, Police, Fire Service & Ambulance supplied service.

We test and approve many of our materials to market standards and also offer Type I, ll & Ill Structure Fabrics.

Marquees, Awnings, Covers

This range of fabrics was especially developed to meet the high quality demands of these applications: strong, waterproof and durable  with high UV resistance. 

Discover our fabrics for Marquees, Awnings and Covers


These fabrics are designed for larger objects and inflatable domes.  The offer contains a range of top-coats and finishes. The Rivertex® structure fabrics have proven quality in long term outdoor applications.

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Small shelters, promotional stuctures

Lightweight and strong fabrics ideally suited for light, commercial applications. Rivertex® small shelter fabrics offer protection in all weather conditions. 

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Inflatable tents, emergency shelters

This range covers  fabrics suitable for various applications including inflatable structures, rapid reponse shelters, storage structures and many other types of temporary buildings. 

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