Through innovation, research & development Rivertex® Technical Fabrics Group has developed an ever evolving range of fabrics an films for medical applications.

Medical Mattress

A range of materials designed for comfort, protection & pressure relief in the medical mattress applications.  The range includes materials designed for Mattress Covers, Air Cells & Bottom Ticking within a Medical Application. Features include bacterial resistance, viral resistance, bodily fluid resistance, fire retardancy and resistance to tough washing conditions.

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Medical upholstery

A range of materials designed to resist demanding medical applications such as repellancy to oil, bacteria and bodily fluids whilst remaining comfortable and easy to clean.  This range offers fabric choices for Stretchers, medical waiting room furniture and wheelchair upholstery. 

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Inflatables and Compression Garments

A range of materials is designed to comply with global medical standards for pressure relief, DVT and anti-decubitus products. Features of this range include comfort, fire retardancy,  anti-bacterial and biocompatibility.

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Patient Transfer

A range of fabrics developed to meet the rigorous demands of patient lifting & handling. The range includes materials specifically designed for medical Slide Sheets, Slings & stretchers for day to day patient movement as well as safe evacuation. 

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