Rivertex® Technical Fabrics Group is a market leader  in the supply of Technical textiles to Maritime applications. Rivertex® & Riverseal® offer an extensive range of market leading materials for use in the production of Life Jackets, Life Rafts, Scuba Diving, Survival Suits, Dry Bags, Boat Covers & many more. The range is fully tested & certified to meet & exceed market standards.  

Scuba Diving

Rivertex® offer a complete range of materials suitable for buoyancy control devices (BCD), small marker buoys (SMB), Dry Bags, Lifting bags & Dry Suits. The range consists of durable, air holding & colour stable fabrics including Cordura®, High Tenacity Nylon & Solution Dyed laminated fabrics for air holding applications.

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Marine Safety

A market leader in the marine safety market, Rivertex Technical Fabrics offer an unparalleled range of HF sealable fabrics for inflatable air chambers and tough synthetic fabrics designed to cover the source of buoyancy. Our Life Jacket & Life Raft materials are approved to global standards including ISO, UL, SOLAS & TSO/FAA. The range also includes Technical Textiles designed for use in Survival Suits, Evacuation Suits & Buoyancy Aids. Riverseal® by Rivertex® has long been the pinnacle of excellence & innovation within Safety Marine. 

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Marine Leisure

Rivertex® Marine Leisure materials consists of a range of Durable, Air tight, Weather Resistant & Breathable fabrics designed for marine applications. Applications include Boat Covers, Surface Suits, Inflatable Boats, Dry Bags, Canopies & Fenders. As with all Rivertex® materials, Quality & Innovation are at the heart of our Marine Leisure range.

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