Rivertex® Technical Fabrics Group is a market leader  in the supply of Technical textiles to Maritime applications. The Rivertex® & Riverseal® brands offer an extensive range of market leading materials for use in the production of Life Jackets, Life Rafts, Scuba Diving, Survival Suits, Dry Bags, Boat Covers & many more. The range is fully tested & certified to meet & exceed market standards.  

Marine Leisure

Rivertex® Marine Leisure materials consists of a range of Durable, Air tight, Weather Resistant & Breathable fabrics designed for marine applications. Applications include Boat Covers, Surface Suits, Inflatable Boats, Dry Bags, Canopies & Fenders. As with all Rivertex® materials, Quality & Innovation are at the heart of our Marine Leisure range.

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Marine Safety

A market leader in the marine safety market, Rivertex® Technical Fabrics offer an unparalleled range of HF sealable fabrics for inflatable air chambers and tough synthetic fabrics designed to cover the source of buoyancy. Our Life Jacket & Life Raft materials are approved to global standards including ISO, UL, SOLAS & TSO/FAA. The range also includes Technical Textiles designed for use in Survival Suits, Evacuation Suits & Buoyancy Aids. Riverseal® by Rivertex® has long been the pinnacle of excellence & innovation within Marine Safety. 

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Scuba Diving

Rivertex® offer a complete range of materials suitable for buoyancy control devices (BCD), small marker buoys (SMB), Dry Bags, Lifting bags & Dry Suits. The range consists of durable, air holding & colour stable fabrics including Cordura®, High Tenacity Nylon & Solution Dyed laminated fabrics for air holding applications.

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