When performance matters - Fabrics for ballistic protection


Ballistic vests are standard equipment for police and military, but they are also increasingly being used for the personal protection of security personnel and private individuals. Ballistic vests can offer protection against, among other things,attacks with fire and stabbing weapons.

Thanks to advances in material technology and design, modern ballistic vests provide excellent protection while remaining as comfortable and light as possible.

Ballistic vests are therefore manufactured from a combination of lightweight and durable materials and can have various accessories such as pockets or compartments for additional equipment, adjustable straps for a secure fit, a breathable liner to reduce the build-up of sweat.

Rivertex supplies various functional fabrics for ballistic vests. The range includes a series of TPU-coated fabrics that can be welded into air and watertight pockets that serve to protect the vulnerable plating against moist. Additionally, we offer various Polyester, Nylon and Cordura® fabrics for the construction of the vest itself.

We offer products that meet the highest standards of safety and performance, so our customers can always rely on us as a source for fabrics for the production of top quality protective equipment.

Interested in our fabrics used in ballistic vests? View the range here and/or contact us and we will send you a sample card with fabrics suitable for this application being qualified.

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