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Rivertex® Technical Fabrics Group is a market leader in the supply of technical textiles to Marine applications. The Riverseal®, Ecoseal™, RTX™ & HPL™ brands offer an extensive range of market leading materials for use in the production of Life Jackets, Life Rafts, Scuba Diving, Survival Suits, Dry Bags, Boat Covers & many more. The range is fully tested & certified to meet & exceed market standards.

By combining our extensive technical know-how with a deep understanding of the requirements of the application, we can provide you with unbiased, expert advice. A partner you can rely on when performance matters.

Marine Safety Equipment
A market leader in the marine safety market, Rivertex® Technical Fabrics offer an unparalleled range of HF sealable fabrics for inflatable air chambers and tough synthetic fabrics designed to cover the source of buoyancy. Our Life Jacket & Life Raft materials are approved to global standards including ISO, UL, SOLAS & TSO/FAA. The range also includes Technical Textiles designed for use in Survival Suits, Evacuation Suits & Buoyancy Aids. Rivertex® Technical Fabrics have long been the pinnacle of excellence & innovation within Safety Marine.

Marine Leisure Equipment
Around the summer period, the demand for marine products is high. People are going out on the water again, which means that there is more demand for inflatable devices, rescue equipment, diving equipment and other maritime recreational products. With the right equipment you will not only be a lot more comfortable, but also safer. We have durable, airtight, breathable fabrics that have been specially developed for the marine sector. Our collection includes inflatable, airtight fabrics and films. We also offer fabrics that are suitable for flotation suits, survival suits and so on.

Scuba Diving
Reliable diving equipment is essential for every scuba diver. Divers expect their equipment to provide protection, allowing them to get the most out of their dive. Rivertex® offers a full range of materials suitable for diving vests (BCD), dry suits & wet suits. You can also contact us for other diving equipment such as marking buoys (SMB) and lifting bags. The range consists of TPU films, PU coated materials and TPU laminated fabrics such as Cordura®, HT Nylon and Polyester.

Interested in our innovative, reliable and sustainable products applied in the marine market? Read all about it here and feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you find the right application.

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