Sustainable Workwear & Uniforms Fabrics


Working outside can bring risk and discomfort. Keeping you safe, dry and warm are essential properties of protective clothing. Rivertex® offers high performance fabrics that protect people from external hazards in a the most comfortable way.

Superior visibility and protection against foul weather are essential features ofclothing for people working outdoors. Our outdoor workwear fabrics were created with workplace safety in mind.Depending on the task at hand, clothing must also protect against heat & fire, electrostatic discharge or chemical splash.We also offer a range of multi-norm fabrics that combine these characteristics.

On the other hand we offer fabrics that are developed to make uniforms which aim to make the wearer as inconspicuous as possible. Think, for example, of camouflage clothing with infrared reflection (IRR) or the neutral color of a police uniform.
What these ranges of fabric have in common is that they have been developed to protect people wearing them against all kinds of external influences and still feel comfortable. Fully tested and certified according to the latest standards.

Most of Rivertex®'s ranges of functionalmultilayer fabricsthat protect against rain, snow, cold and wind are made from recycled yarn. They are coated or laminated with a polymer of similar composition to the fabric yarn to make the construction fully recyclable.
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