Solar Power


We are proud to announce that our 1500 solar panels on the roof of our warehouse in The Netherlands have been put into operation this week. These panels will produce approximately 500.000 kWh of power per year, enough to power 150 households. 
This feat is an important step into our sustainable ambition not only to minimize the impact of the materials we sell but also to lower our own footprint as much as possible.

Machinery and cars

When replacing our company cars, forklifts and other machinery we are opting for the electric versions. Most our cars are already electric. And we are rapidly installing electric charging stations around our companies in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. With this we aim to reduce our CO2 footprint to zero.

Rivertex Innovation Lab

New products are constantly being developed by The Rivertex Innovation Lab. The Innovation Lab was established to support our commitment to making the textile industry more sustainable through a holistic approach; connecting people, the environment and the economy.
With this approach we aim to replace existing polluting fabrics and coatings where possible with sustainable alternatives using components that are commonly recycled. One of our recent sustainable innovations resulting from this approach is RIVERCYCLON®. RIVERCYCLON® has been developed to replace PVC-coated fabrics. It is made entirely from a single commonly recycled polymer, making it fully recyclable.

Recycling philosophy

We believe that the success of recycling product lies in the rate of acceptance by plastic recycling companies. In other words; we ask ourselves what are the most commonly recycled polymers and we develop product using these polymers. This way we make sure most plastic recycling companies will accept the fabric at the end of its life.

Production Technique

One of the most polluting part of textile production is the dying process. Traditional piece dying require a staggering amount of water usage. Wherever possible we offer fabrics that have been dyed with alternative dying processes which use little water and have a much lower effect on the environment.
Would you like to know more about our philosophy with regard to sustainability? Or are you curious which sustainable fabrics are suitable for your products? Please contact us. We are happy to tell you more about it!

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