Save on fuel and contribute to the environment at similar cost?


Most Truck Side Covers are made of PVC coated tarpaulin fabric because it is strong, long lasting and cheap.
But PVC coated fabrics also contains harmful substances and cannot be recycled. They end up as landfill or in the incinerator releasing toxic fumes to the environment.

Cleaner alternative fabrics, such as TPU coated fabrics, are generally much more expensive and still cannot be recycled.   

With this in mind Rivertex started developing a fabric that is both non-toxic and recyclable without being much more expensive than PVC coated fabric.
After vigorous trial and error we developed a fabric that meets the tough demand of PVC coated tarpaulins at a similar price level.
Moreover, RIVERCYCLON® is 40% lighter than comparable PVC coated tarps generating significant fuel savings over its life span.

RIVERCYCLON® can be welded during which no toxic fumes are released, creating a safer work environment compared to PVC.

Protection against sun and rain

RIVERCYCLON® is not only applicable as side curtain tarpaulin to protect the vulnerable cargo during transport. The range consists of different weights and constructions and since it is UV resistant and waterproof, RIVERCYCLON® is suitable for numerous outdoor application such as tenting, signs and banners, covers, etc.

With these sustainable, non-toxic fabrics you contribute to the environment without having to make concessions to the quality and price of the fabric.

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