Product Circularity Passport Rivercyclon®


The sustainable credentials of RiverCyclon® were recently tested by EPEA, an independent institute who have pioneered innovations for environmentally friendly and circular industrial products. The Product Circularity Passport confirms that Rivercyclon® is made of environmentally friendly, non-toxic and recyclable materials. Rivercyclon® achieved an almost perfect score on healthy materials and Circular recoverability. We are enormously proud of this achievement!

Rivertex innovation story
The innovation story of Rivertex is its commitment to sustainability through a holistic approach, connecting people, the environment and the economy. Rivertex introduced the innovative Rivercyclon® as a sustainable and recyclable alternative to the widely used PVC-coated tarpaulins, which usually end up as toxic waste in landfills, after use.

Assessment Rivercyclon®
When drawing up the Product Circularity Passport, Rivercyclon® was assessed on a number of points, the result of which was positive. Here is a brief overview from the Product Circularity Passport:

·        Circular sourcing: A good product should be sourced in a circular way. Rivercyclon® is currently made from primary raw materials.
·        Healthy materials: Good products consist of healthy ingredients/chemicals. The chemical composition of Rivercyclon® is safe for ecosystems and people.
·        Circular recoverability: Good products remain as nutrients in the circular system. Rivercyclon® is designed to be 100% recyclable.

Curious about Rivercyclon's entire Product Circularity Passport? Read more here and request a copy of our full Product Circularity Passport for Rivercyclon®.

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