Our obligation to the climate


Taking steps for our climate is necessary and we must all contribute. We also take our responsibility. Wherever possible we minimize the impact of the products we sell and also take steps to reduce our own footprint as much as possible.

Circular philosophy

We design products that last long, are made from recycled material and are also recyclable.
To ensure that recycling companies accept these materials at the end of their life, we aim to develop fabrics with commonly recycled polymers such as the polyester PET and PP. This lowers the threshold considerably because most local recycling companies will accept the materials.

Rivertex Innovation Lab

Rivertex Technical Fabrics is committed to making our industry cleaner and will continuously develop new sustainable concepts and products. For this purpose we have founded The Rivertex Innovation Lab. The Innovation Lab consists of dedicated professionals from different professional backgrounds but with 1 common goal; making materials better and cleaner. For example, we have already developed completely circular softshell and hard-shell fabrics for protective functional clothing in the lab.

Cleaner dyeing process

To reduce the amount of water and energy used during the dyeing process of our fabrics , we frequently switch to the so-called solution dyeing method. In this process, the pigment is added to the basic raw material, after which the yarns are spun and woven. As a result, up to 90% less water is used than with regular dyeing processes.
Since the yarns are coloured to the core, the UV resistance is also greatly improved.

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