Not just any bag


It looks like an ordinary bag, but nothing could be further from the truth. In the medical world, a bag must be able to withstand many external influences. Not only resistant to rain and snow, but also to blood and, once the ambulance worker has treated the patient, can be cleaned with chemical cleaning agents. We supply fabrics with unique properties that possess these qualities. This way you are guaranteed to deliver high-quality bags to your customers.
One of the fabrics suitable for making medical bags is our RIVERSEAL® 811. This material has a waterproof and weldable TPU coating and a unique repellant PU lick on the face side of the fabric. It is available from stock and available in several colours.

Camouflage fabrics

Supplying fabrics for military bags and (back)packs is of a completely different caliber. The common denominator with medical bags is safety for people, but for fabrics that are used for military purposes, additional requirements apply, such as camouflage and infrared resistance.
We can supply many fabrics in camouflage prints, with or without an infrared-resistant treatment. These materials can be used, among other things, to make military (back) packs.
We offer a wide range of functional fabrics for personal protective equipment, such as protective clothing, bags or tents.

Please contact us so that we can inform you about the right material for your application.

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