Rivercyclon® 605 SD, the sustainable future of waterproof outdoor fabrics.


We introduce Rivercyclon® 605 SD, a groundbreaking new range of 100% recyclable fabrics designed for various outdoor applications, from rain covers to sun shading and outdoor upholstery. Waterproof with exceptional UV resistance, thanks to its solution dyeing technique.
Rivercyclon® is weldable with hot air or wedge, making it versatile and easy to work with.

Circular Product Design 
Rivercyclon® 605 SD is developed following the philosophy of circular product design meaning the most commonly recycled polymer is used for both fabric and coating. This makes the fabric fully recyclable and therefore the ultimate sustainable choice.

Solution dyeing
Solution dyeing is the technique where dyes are added to the polymer before the yarn is spun. Thus creating through and through colouring. This technique requires much less water consumption and is therefore much less polluting than traditional piece dyeing. Moreover, the UV resistance improves dramatically which makes the fabric very suitable for outdoor use.

Rivercyclon® 605SD is available in 11 colors, 4 of which have a mélange pattern.

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