Market segments explained


Rivertex® Technical Fabrics offers a wide collection of technical fabrics that are used in 5 different market segments: Medical, Maritime, Personal Protection, Industrial and Structures & Tents. Within these markets we produce products and materials for different purposes.

By constantly innovating, we are at the forefront when it comes to innovation and making the textile industry more sustainable.

The materials supplied by Rivertex are especially suitable for use on and around medical beds. In addition, the following important properties are reflected in the materials used: resistance to bacteria, fire resistance and resistance to high temperatures. We also make fabrics for medical applications such as patient relocation and mobility. This series of fabrics has been developed to meet the high demands of medical applications.

No sea too high for us!
For marine applications we supply an extensive collection of materials for life jackets, life rafts, diving jackets, bags, covers, etc.

Our products are always fully tested and certified.

For lifesaving equipment on the water, we supply a wide range of strong, airtight and weldable fabrics. Many are approved to prevailing norms and standards such as ISO, UL, SOLAS and TSO/FAA. The highest quality product we guarantee is essential in this type of application.

We also produce materials for water recreation, for example, surf and sailing clothing, boat covers, diving vests, wetsuits and marker buoys and other inflatables.

Personal Protection (Equipment)
To protect people, the right clothing is an absolute must.
We offer a varied range of waterproof fabrics with breathable properties that protect against wind and weather for outdoor and workwear.

We also make fabrics for ballistic vests and flame-retardant and anti-static clothing. These products provide the wearer with maximum personal protection under all circumstances.

In addition to clothing, we focus on materials for industrial applications. You can think of materials that can be used for tanks for primary or secondary storage of fuels, drinking water, wastewater and all kinds of chemical liquids. In the transport sector, we supply fabrics for truck tarpaulins and other protective covers. We also offer fabrics for various applications for the agricultural sector, such as material for mowing skirts and dividers in stables.

Structures and tents
The 5th segment in which we are active is Structures & Tents. We make materials for promotional activities, lightweight tent cloths for awnings, (promotional) tents to heavier coated fabrics for tensile structures and other roofs that we can supply to our customers.

In short, the diversity in markets is wide and so is our range. Would you like to know more about supplying materials and for what purposes? Contact us for the possibilities.

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