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Many companies value a serious CSR policy, in other words making a contribution to a cleaner environment. Sustainability is also an important part of the philosophy at Rivertex®. We will always opt for the sustainable solution where possible. This applies to both our products and the various business processes.

Energy neutral
For example, we recently installed 1500 solar panels on the roof of our warehouse, which generate approximately half a million kWh annually. That is much more than we consume ourselves. The surplus is supplied to households and businesses. We are therefore self-sufficient in this. In addition, our company cars are being replaced by electric ones. A reduction in CO2 emissions.

Sustainable product development
Innovation and sustainability are important aspects in the product development of Rivertex®. Our starting point is to replace new and existing fabrics and coatings as much as possible with recycled raw materials that can be recycled again after use.
The key to the success of recycling lies with the end user. After all, he is the one who determines what happens to the material at the end of its life. That is why our starting point is to develop fabrics that consist of raw materials that are already frequently recycled and can be offered at any local recycling company.
RIVERCYCLON® is an example of a product developed according to this philosophy. It is made entirely from polypropylene, one of the most recycled polymers, and replaces PVC-coated fabric that is not recyclable and is landfilled or incinerated after use.

Production technique
In addition to sustainable product development, we also look at cleaner production techniques. For example, we offer more and more collections that are made from yarns that have been dyed through and through. This dyeing technique has two interesting advantages: The fabrics are much cleaner, because little water is used in the dyeing process and the UV resistance is many times higher, so that the cloth lasts much longer.

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