Interview with Guy Lynch from Rivertex


This week we have a special post. We meet Guy Lynch for an interview. Guy is the Managing Director at Rivertex in the United Kingdom.

Part of my life
Guy, who studied Economics at the University of Hull & worked in Australia before returning to the UK and joining Rivertex in 2005, tells us: “I have grown up with Rivertex since a young age. My father, Steven Lynch, founded Rivertex UK in 1990 and the company has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember”.
“Rivertex is globally active family-owned business. We build long term relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees. Many of our employees have been working with us for years. I'm very proud of that”.
Speaking to Guy about Rivertex, he highlights “Our customers are manufacturers, who use technical fabrics & films within their final product construction. Our materials are highly certified and often, our customers manufacture life saving and life aiding products. Providing quality and strict quality control are fundamental for all our products”.

Guy continues with pride: “Rivertex is one of the largest suppliers of technical fabrics into Lifejackets, worldwide. Our medical materials also played a critical part in supporting the healthcare industry during the COVID19 pandemic”.
No wonder customers trust Rivertex, and that pays off in the collaboration with these customers. Guy: “Within any technical market, knowledge of the products and confidence in our ability to understand the customers complex needs is critical. Our customers trust Rivertex to work with them through the development phase and find innovative solutions. Rivertex offer the complete solution from product development, production management, logistics and local warehouse distribution”.

Reducing our impact
Guy talks about the strategy of Rivertex. “More recently sustainability within technical fabrics has been at the forefront of innovation for Rivertex. Reducing our impact on the environment is a key part of our strategy moving forward. This can be seen in the recent launch of our Rivercyclon® range of non-toxic & recyclable materials”.
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