Interview with Oliver Joerss, Sales Manager Germany


Short introduction
Oliver has spent most of his working life in the textile industry and can therefore rightfully be called an expert in the field of technical fabrics. After completing his education at the University of Berlin, he started working in the textile industry. After a few wanderings, he joined Rivertex in 2009 as Sales Manager for Germany. Later on, Austria and Switzerland were added.
Oliver lives near Bonn in Germany, is married and has 3 sons. In his spare time, he is a keen cyclist.

Create the best solution for customers
Oliver: “The focus of my job is to identify the right connection between the products that can be produced by Rivertex and the solution required by the customer. I see myself as a consultant who advises, produces and delivers. I really like being in contact with the customers. Together we create the best solutions.”, he says.
“In addition, it is very pleasant to work in a company that operates internationally and still has a manageable size. This way you have contact with each of your colleagues, all customers, and know them personally. This in combination with the facts that we are really commited making the industry more sustainable, feels good!

Develop, make and deliver all over the world
Rivertex offers a comprehensive solution. Our materials are produced by a select group of factories with specific specialties. “The advantage of this is that it allows us to stay flexible and unbiased, so our customers get the most optimal solution", Oliver says.

Sustainable future 
“We see a significant ever-increasing trend towards the use of sustainable products. Companies want to leave a green footprint.” says Oliver. “We are well motivated to meet these needs for sustainability. Not only because of the increasing demand from our customers but also because of our own belief that we continuously develop new sustainable concepts and products to make the world a better place”, he continues.
A great example of this is the development of the Rivercyclon® product line. It is a revolutionary range of non-toxic, heat-sealable and 100% recyclable coated fabrics developed as an alternative to PVC coated fabrics.

“Circularity is becoming more and more important”

Wherever we can we strive to develop products that are not just made of recycled content but can be recycled as well. Creating circular products requires a deep understanding of technical composition versus application and understand that you need to change your approach to product development radically. Rivertex has done just that and this approach has brought us several developments for a broad range of applications that could change the world.

“Although I have been working in the textile industry for a long time, not a day goes by that I don't learn something new. This ensures that I go to work with the same enthusiasm every day.”

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