HPL COMFORT™ R-Series: Circular fabrics for protective clothing


It’s Rivertex's mission to be a leader in technical textiles in terms of innovation and sustainability. The development of realistic alternatives to environmentally harmful products has the highest priority.
In addition to the earlier introduction of the innovative fabric RIVERCYCLON®, we have now developed a more sustainable alternative fabric for protective clothing made out of PET and PP: the HPL COMFORT™ R Series.

Circular philosophy

Coated fabrics are normally made up of layers of different plastics (polymers). In most cases these layers cannot be recycled as one but need to be separated to be able to recycle them. If this is possible at all, this is a highly polluting process, using heavy chemicals to achieve it.
We have managed to develop a range of multi-layer fabrics that are not only made from recycled yarns but are fully recyclable due to the use of a similar polymer for each layer. Without compromise on quality and comfort!
The fabrics have been named HPL COMFORT™ R-Series and they are waterproof, breathable and have optimal wearing comfort. The range we offers 2 different fabrics from stock: 3-layer softshell fabric and 2-layer pet hardshell fabric. Both fabrics are ideally suited for making workwear, uniforms and outerwear.

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