Going greener - with solution dyeing


Going greener has become something we apply in our organization in several ways, for example in our fabric production or through other, different approaches. New products are developed in our Innovation Lab, where we develop products that make the textile industry more sustainable. Rivertex Technical Fabrics is committed to designing products that last longer, are made from recycled materials and are recyclable. Without compromising on quality.

Solution dyeing explained

Standard dyeing processes require a staggering amount of clean water. We promote buying, where possible, fabrics that are solution dyed. Solution dyeing is a type of dyeing that adds the colour to a fiber before the fiber is made into a fabric. The dye is dissolved in a solvent and then the fiber is immersed in the solution, so the colour is literally locked into the fiber. This process makes the colour incredibly strong and resilient, as it is not simply applied to the surface of the fabric, but actually becomes part of the fiber itself. This makes the fabric more colourfast and resistant to fading from UV exposure and exposure to chlorine and other chemicals. This process uses 90% less water, less energy and emits less CO2.
This means that Solution Dyed fabrics they have a longer life, consume less water and reduce the overall carbon footprint.

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