“FR” explained


Several fabrics Rivertex offers have “FR” added to their name. But what does “FR” mean?
“FR” refers to the fire-retardant properties of fabrics but to be more precise we have to distinguish between the terms “FR” and “IFR”.

“FR” stands for "Fire Retardant" and refers to fabrics that have been treated with a chemical or coating to reduce their flammability and slow down the spread of flames. FR fabrics are often used in environments where fire safety is a concern, such as in public structures, protective clothing, or industrial settings. Well known examples include RTX™ 500 FR and Riverseal® 1142 FR.

“IFR” stands for "Inherently Fire Retardant" and refers to fabrics that have fire-resistant properties built into their fibres at a molecular level. IFR fabrics are made from fibres that are naturally resistant to flames, such as modacrylic, aramid, or glass fibres. These fabrics do not rely on chemical treatments or coatings. Examples are our Riverguard™ Aramid fabrics.

Depending on the application, these products meet the relevant international norms and standards for fire behaviour.

In summary, FR fabrics have been chemically treated to reduce flammability, while IFR fabrics have inherent fire-resistant properties built into their fibres.

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