Fabrics for tents & structures


Tents. They come in many shapes and sizes. The material from which a tent or outdoor structure is made is decisive for the way in which you can use a tent.
We like to think along with our customers, so they can offer exactly the right solution to their customers. And because we're familiar with the questions you can expect, we can provide you with exactly what you need.

Fabrics that can take a beating

Fabrics that are used outdoors must be able to withstand all kinds of weather conditions ranging from scorching sunshine to extreme windy, wet or frosty weather. That’s only possible with materials of the highest quality.
Applications range from small shelters, promotional tents, marquees, awnings and covers to inflatable tenting applications and tensile structures.
Important features for outdoor use include high UV resistance, waterproofness and a proven quality for extreme weather conditions.
Do you need a more flexible outdoor solution for an outdoor structure? We supply fabrics you can rely on.

Sustainable developments in tenting fabrics

New products are constantly being developed by The Rivertex Innovation Lab. The Innovation Lab was established to support our commitment to making the textile industry more sustainable through a holistic approach; connecting people, the environment and the economy. With this approach we aim to replace polluting fabrics and coatings where possible with sustainable alternatives by using components that are commonly recycled.
One of our recent sustainable innovations resulting from this approach is a fabric named RIVERCYCLON®. RIVERCYCLON® was developed to replace PVC-coated fabrics.

Solution dying for higher UV resistance

One of the most polluting part of textile production is its dying processes. Traditional piece dying of fabric require a staggering amount of water usage.
Wherever possible we offer fabrics that are solution dyed which uses little water and therefore have a much lower effect on the environment. Moreover these fabrics have very high UV resistance.

Quality guaranteed 

Many of our materials have been developed in collaboration with experts in the field and meet the strictest requirements. We test and certify our products according to the applicable international standards.
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