Camouflage fabrics for Marine Corps


Rivertex recently developed fabrics for the Dutch Marine Corps on behalf of Losberger de Boer. These fabrics are used for small modular tents. This material has been developed, tested and approved to meet all the requirements: Ultralight, blockout, waterproof and flame retardant.

The material has been named RTX™ 150 IRR FR and has gone through a challenging development, where we had to combine strength, very low weight (<140 g/m2), blockout properties, 5000 mm water column and IRR camouflage print. The fabrics are also flame retardant.

Achieving an acceptable level of blockout in the white “Snow” version in combination with such a lightweight material was especially challenging. To achieve this, the material has been coated several times, each layer with different properties. This turned out to be the key to its ultimate success.

Rivertex in PPE

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