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Did you know that we have had a production and sales office in Suzhou, China for over 10 years? In this blog we inform you why we chose this and what the benefits are for our customers.

Rivertex Suzhou

In addition to production facilities in Europe, Taiwan and Korea, an important part of the fabrics offered by Rivertex Technical Fabrics is produced in China. We have a long experience of doing business in China and supplying products all over the world.
The city of Suzhou is not far from the main port of Shanghai and is a region that has traditionally been one of China's specialized fabric and ready-made confection areas. This makes this city an attractive location for a multitude of multinationals.
At Rivertex in Suzhou, our employees work daily on the production of fabrics and end products such as functional clothing. In addition, this is the base for our sales activities in China.

Guaranteed quality

All productions are locally checked by our own employees according to international standards. First of all, there is a visual inspection in which things like colour, tactile properties and other visible checks are performed. In addition, we do random checks to check the technical properties of the fabrics produced before they are shipped. For this we have our own laboratory with various machines with which we can carry out a multitude of tests.
Thanks to this working method, our customers are always guaranteed the quality they expect. In the unlikely event that there is a problem, the customer can simply contact the local representative and he will provide a solution.


In addition to the production of fabrics, we also produce end products upon specification, especially functional clothing. We control the entire process from design to delivery of the final product, anywhere in the world.
For this purpose, Rivertex Suzhou employs merchandisers who supervise productions from A-to-Z on a cut-make-trim basis, from purchasing fabrics and components to supervising production in the sewing workshop, packaging, labelling and shipping. And this from 500 pieces.
Small-run samples can be manufactured internally. We have the necessary machines and people for this.

Rivertex Innovation Lab

Our branch in Suzhou also has a test set-up of a coating machine so that we can quickly carry out all kinds of tests. This test street is frequently used to experiment with sustainable fabrics and coatings.
For the same purpose, we have also installed a test set-up to test the recyclability of our fabrics. For example, we work hard to make existing and new fabrics more sustainable.
One of the best-known results of this approach is a fabric we have called Rivercyclon. This fabric has been developed as a sustainable alternative to polluting PVC coated fabrics that are frequently used as covering material, for banners, in agriculture, etc. Rivercyclon does not contain any toxic substances, is recyclable, lightweight and weldable. For more information click here.


Are you also interested in our quality products and carefree delivery anywhere in the world or would you like to know more about our dedicated confection service? We are happy to take the entire process off your hands. And is something not going to your satisfaction? Then you can simply contact your local representative.
Contact us and tell us what your plans are. We like to think along and help you move forward.

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