Rivertex and Power Plastics new polymer wins DWI Approval


Rivertex UK Ltd in partnership with Power Plastics Ltd, are pleased to launch the Rivertex® APO850 Powerplas® material targeted at the drinking & waste water market. The innovative new polymer which has been certified to Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) Regulation 31 standards has been achieved through a combination of the technical knowledge of Rivertex UK along with the market knowledge of Power Plastics. The new APO polymer a non-toxic, two layer material with an internal scrim weave which gives this material a much higher tear strength than thicker materials, whilst retaining the flexibility needed for sludge cones, baffle curtains, tank liners and water bags without delamination issues.

A partnership spanning 4 years carefully designing and testing the new Rivertex® APO850 Powerplas® culminated in certification been awarded to DWI Regulation 31 with a cost to the companies of over £25,000. The material achieves outstanding chemical/UV resistance along with long-term water contact compatibility, and floats without the need for buoyancy aid. It is fully HF weldable without creating toxic fumes allowing for easy product assembly on site.

In addition to its DWI approval, Rivertex® APO Powerplas® is also WRAS certified and approved to BS6920.

Rivertex® APO Powerplas has been featured in the latest Waste and Water Treatment (WWT) Publication, to read more please visit the below link:

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