Personal Protection market


Rivertex® Technical Fabrics offers a broad collection of technical fabrics in 5 different market segments: Medical, Marine, Personal Protection, Industrial and Structures & Tents. For these markets we produce fabrics for different applications. In this article we focus on personal protection.

Rivertex® Technical Fabrics is a leading supplier of high performance fabrics for Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). Our extensive knowledge of the market has allowed us to develop a wide ranging portfolio of materials to meet the most demanding markets. A market of growing importance in today's world.

Personal protection refers to the use of specialized clothing and equipment to protect individuals from a range of hazards, including physical, chemical, and biological risks. This can include everything from protective suits for healthcare workers to flame-resistant clothing for firefighters.

Work wear, uniforms and outdoor clothing
A varied range of waterproof, breathable and high visibility fabrics developed to meet the highest standards of quality, comfort and personal safety. These fabrics were developed, tested and fully approved to meet the demands of the most demaning environmental conditions.

Fire resistant and anti static fabrics
This range of fabrics are designed to protect people from the hazards of fire and electrostatic discharge. Without consessions these fabrics meet the highest standards.

Aprons and chemical suits
This range of fabrics and films consists of materials designed to offer protection against acids, oils and chemicals as well as food handling grades. The range includes TPU, PVC and rubber coated fabrics and films.

Body armour
Rivertex® offers a wide selection of fabrics suited for ballistic  protection where quality is of the essence. The range includes TPU film and laminated fabrics typically used for making UV and moist protection pouches to protect the bullet proof plating. We also offer a range of coated Nylon and Cordura® fabrics for the outer shell of the vest.
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