Short introduction
Ben was born in the small town of Bury St Edmunds in England. He has been surrounded by textiles for as long as he can remember, his father worked for Sandersons, one of the UK leading textile design and printing houses. When he was a small boy, he used to visit the factory to see the fabrics getting woven and printed and he was fascinated with the process.

Ben is married, father of two boys 10 & 13. In his free time, he enjoys mountain biking, travelling and loves watching his children playing cricket.

About Ben at Rivertex
Ben has worked at Rivertex for over 13 years.  He has seen the company grow over these years to become an international leading supplier of technical fabric and films. In his role as UK Sales Manager, he is responsible for managing and developing key accounts, generating sales, supporting, and developing the internal and external sales teams, and creating sales strategies.

How does a typical workday look like for Ben?
Ben's working day entails a number of interesting roles, and every day is unique. He collaborates closely with several key clients to help them grow their businesses and find solutions that are tailored to their individual requirements. This could entail participating in significant government procurements, creating a solution from scratch, or helping to approve ongoing developments. Quality is important; provide the best product to meet the requirements needed.
It is critical that all fabrics be well-improved and put through the necessary tests to meet all necessary standards. A top priority is given to sustainability. Not just for the businesses themselves, but also because of evolving governmental regulations and consumer demands. Ben will also work on developing fresh sales strategies for both the sales team and the clients in order to provide the best help, advice and service.

What makes the job interesting?
The variety of the role and the variations of the different markets makes Rivertex remarkably interesting for Ben. Maybe one day it is working with the Military or police force in designing solutions for new tenders and the next day Ben is working on a new marine safety product or a medical development.

“We are in the business of identifying and helping find solutions for our customers, whether in the Marine Safety Market, PPE sector, or the industrial space and that feels like you are achieving something worthwhile and special”.

We can take on some very unique projects because we have such a wide range of capabilities in our product line and manufacturing procedures.

Rivertex have been involved in n designing and developing some incredible consumer end products, our knowledge and expertise in providing a product that is fit for purpose has been invaluable.

Rivertex has become the top choice for supplying technical fabrics in the UK, Ireland, and around the globe. it's been interesting to observe the diverse needs in each country; for instance, in nations where water is scarce, we manufacture water storage tanks. on the other hand, in places like Sweden, the marine safety industry is booming due to the increased popularity of activities like sailing, hunting, Kayaking, and fishing

Developments in the industry
Huge movements are underway to make our industry more sustainable. There is a significant shift toward how we care for the environment and conduct business globally.
It is our responsibility to make the world more sustainable by utilizing more environmentally friendly production techniques and using less water in the production, for example.
Another illustration is the shipping process.

We are committed to making sure that our shipping strategies are as carbon-efficient as possible to minimize our environmental impact. We recognize that the transportation of goods has an impact on the environment, our team is actively looking for ways to make use of the shipping space we use to minimize the impact of transportation on our planet.

Another big opportunity is replacing toxic PVC for recyclable materials like RIVERCYCLON. RIVERCYCLON® is 100% recyclable. RIVERCYCLON® is made with a single, non-toxic polymer, derived from the most commonly recycled plastic worldwide.

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