Riverseal® is an air-holding, waterproof & weldable TPU coated fabric & film range designed to be reliable and durable When Performance Matters...

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The Riverseal® Promise

The Riverseal® ‘Seal of Approval’ represents security in the knowledge that you are using the most advanced, reliable and durable material in the market. Created by Rivertex® Technical Fabrics with over 35 years knowledge, contributing to the design and innovation of Coated Fabrics and TPU films suitable for Marine Safety, Medical & PPE applications globally.
The Riverseal® Brand is the culmination of this experience that has taken both Rivertex® Technical Fabrics and Riverseal® to be market leaders in the production & supply of Technical Textiles in life saving & life enhancing applications.
The Riverseal® range of TPU Coated Fabrics and TPU Films are built around 4 key area's:
Reliability – Tested, Approved and Certified to International Standards
Durability – Manufactured to last. All Riverseal® materials are produced using the latest technologies and highest quality raw materials
Quality – Quality Control is at the heart of Riverseal®. Every meter of Riverseal® material is Quality Control inspected to ensure conformity
Performance – The Riverseal® range of materials are designed to be used 'when performance matters'

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The Riverseal® Difference

When performance matters, Riverseal® is the trusted brand of manufacturers worldwide. The Riverseal® range of TPU Coated Fabrics & films has been designed to offer unrivalled strength and durability.
When producing materials for life saving applications, performance matters. The Riverseal® ‘Seal of Approval’ represents security in the knowledge that you are using the most advanced, reliable and durable material in the market.
The Riverseal® ‘Seal of Approval’ has demonstrated a proven track record in the market and stood the test of time to prove itself synonymous with performance.
Riverseal® Coated Fabrics and TPU films are manufactured using the highest levels of product testing & quality assurance, investing in the latest technologies to ensure Riverseal® remains the market leading material for all lifesaving applications.

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Riverseal® for medical

Weldable fabrics and film with TPU polymer

Riverseal® for Medical is a range designed to meet the high testing standards and everyday usage criteria of the international medical market. Manufactured by Rivertex® Technical Fabrics Group, Riverseal® for Medical has a proven history and is the trusted partner for market leaders in healthcare. Used daily in Hospitals, Care Homes & Residential, Riverseal® for Medical is approved & certified to the rigorous demands of the Medical market in applications such as:
DVT & lymphedema Garments
Pressure Relief Medical Mattresses
Compression Garments
Cryotherapy Garments
Inflatable Air Cells
Patient Mobility
The Riverseal® Brand is a market leader in the field of Life Saving; product testing and quality assurance is at the heart of the Riverseal® brand with every meter being inspected and guaranteed to comply the Riverseal® Quality Promise.

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Riverseal® for Marine

Riverseal® is a market leader in the Marine Safety & Marine Leisure markets and is the culmination of decades of product design, development, certification and a proven track record. The Riverseal® range of materials are at the forefront of innovation within the Marine market focusing on:
Life Jackets / PFD's / Life Preservers
Life Rafts
Survival Suits / Immersion Suits / Surface Suits / Drysuits
Diving BCD's & SMB's
Riverseal® is intrinsically linked with the Marine market where performance and reliability are at the heart of every product.

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Riverseal® for Personal Protection (PPE)

Riverseal® for PPE is designed and built around the protection, safety and well-being of the user. The Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) market relies on quality and reliability in markets when failure is not an option. For over 35 years, Rivertex® Technical Fabrics Group have been a key player in the PPE market, manufacturing a range of materials for the below fields:
  • Armed Forces
  • Ballistic Protection / Body Armour
  • Emergency Services
  • Work wear
  • Chemical suits
  • Extreme Temperature Garments
  • High Visibility
  • Anti-Static / Petro Chemical

The emergence of Riverseal® as a leading manufacturer of materials for Military, Police & Commercial Ballistic Protection / Body Armour over the past 10 years is in large down to the innovation and design undertaken to push and challenge the market parameters. Through a process of internal testing, certified body accreditation and real life usage, Riverseal® by Rivertex has developed to be the leading TPU Coated Textile, offering Lightweight, Strong and Durable protection in this crucial lifesaving market.

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