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Riverseal® 200/L2

Lightweight, Weldable, Biocompatible, Full TPU 1 Side, Lick Coat TPU 1 Side, Nylon

Nylon, 235 Dtex, TPU Lamination, 265 g/m2Meer details over 110

Riverseal® 207

High Tear Strength, Fire Resistant, Weldable, 1 Side Ether TPU, 1 Side Ester TPU Coated, Polyester

Polyester, 1100 Dtex, TPU Lamination, 535 g/m2Meer details over 112

NPX™ Foam 003

Super stretch, soft 3 mm closed cell CR (Neoprene) foam with 1 side Nylon jersey lamination

NylonMeer details over 12

SLX™ 70

Low friction Nylon with 1 side transparent silicone coating and 1 side PU coating

Nylon, 78 Dtex, Silicone Coating, 80 g/m2Meer details over 66

SLX™ 72

Low friction Nylon with 2 sides transparent silicone coating

Nylon, 78 Dtex, Silicone Coating, 70 g/m2Meer details over 67

Riverseal® Film T80 85A

Weldable, Lightweight, 80 Micron TPU, Polyether Film

TPU Film, 80 g/m2Meer details over 138

Riverseal® Film T300 87A

Weldable, Lightweight, 300 Micron TPU, Polyether Film

TPU Film, 320 g/m2Meer details over 134

Multileather™ 700 FR

Multi purpose artificial leather. Waterproof, easyclean, FR, Cold resistant, UV resistant. PVC coated Polyester

Polyester, 167 Dtex, PVC Coating, 750 g/m2Meer details over 153