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Riverguard™ 300 AS

Fire retardant, anti-static, breathable and waterproof Polyester (98%) with Carbon yarns (2%) fabric with PU coating

Polyester, 330 Dtex, PU Coating, 245 g/m2More details about 3

Riverseal® 202 FR

Weldable, Fire retardant, 2 sides TPU Nylon

Nylon, 235 Dtex, TPU Lamination, 435 g/m2More details about 10

Rivertex® Neoprene

Super stretch, soft neoprene foam sheet W8 NSS-012 with nylon jersey.

NylonMore details about 12

Rivertex® 235

Polyester with 2 sides soft PVC coating. Flexible, Oil & fat resistant, weldable.

Polyester, 330 Dtex, PVC Coating, 480 g/m2More details about 9

Ecoseal™ Film 300 (EST 85)

Flexible, weldable, air tight TPU film (ESTER)

TPU Film, 330 g/m2More details about 106

Riverseal® 76

Lightweight, Weldable, TPU Coated 2 Side, Nylon

Nylon, 78 Dtex, TPU Lamination, 185 g/m2More details about 120

Riverguard™ 300 AS HFR

Flame retardent , Anti Static, breathable and Waterproof Polyester (98%)/Carbon (2%) fabric with PU coating and flame resistant modacrylic backing fabric.

Polyester, 330 Dtex, PU Coating, 330 g/m2More details about 160

Rivertex® 400 FR PVC XL

Flexible, fire retardant, weldable, mat lacquered 2 sides coated PVC Polyester

Polyester, 330 Dtex, PVC Coating, 400 g/m2More details about 176