Sustainable & recyclable fabrics

CYCLON® is our revolutionary range of non-toxic, heat-sealable and 100% recyclable coated fabrics. CYCLON® will help you, and your customers, to become more sustainable in a cost-effective way.


CYCLON® is 100% recyclable. CYCLON® is made with a single, non-toxic polymer, derived from the most commonly recylced plastic worldwide. Simply collect the CYCLON® waste and offer it to your local recycling partner. For more recycling information, please contact us.


CYCLON® offers a weight reduction of 40% compared to PVC, without compromises. Heat sealing without (toxic) smoke. No more expensive waste disposal, in many cases waste collectors will pay for your scraps!


Rivertex® introduces 4 collections in CYCLON® material, from stock!
CYCLON® 370 & 450 Tarpaulin are available in 6 colors, by the roll of 3 meters wide. CYCLON® 450 & 450 Banner are suitable for UV printed outdoor banners and are available per roll and 320 cm wide.


Millions of meters of PVC coated fabrics are produced every year. The majority ends up as toxic waste, disposed in landfill or burned. This has a severe impact on the earth’s climate and environment. With CYCLON®, Rivertex offers a big step towards a cleaner world.


CYCLON® offers high impact strength and good abrasion resistance, but also high tensile and tear strength. CYCLON® has excellent bonding strength, superior chemical resistance and good UV properties. CYCLON® is food contact approved and bio-compatible.


We offer CYCLON® at reasonable prices, making it a realistic alternative for PVC coated fabrics, even for price sensitive applications.
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It is our mission to help make our industry cleaner. Offering realistic alternatives for harmful products has our focus. We are proud of what we have achieved with the 100% recyclable CYCLON® products. A big step forward.
Roef Gaasbeek CEO Rivertex Technical Fabrics Group BV

Sustainable & recyclable fabrics - highlights

Cyclon™ 350 Banner

Non-toxic, recyclable, printable NTP coated polyester

Polyester, 550 Dtex, NTP™ Coating, 350 g/m2More details about 192

Cyclon™ 450 Banner

Non-toxic, recyclable, printable NTP coated Polypropylene (PP)

Polypropylene (PP), 1100 Dtex, NTP™ Coating, 450 g/m2More details about 193

NTP™ 653 Sport

Anti slip, Tatami emboss, Nontoxic, , weldable, 1 side NTP coated Polyester

Polyester, 1100 Dtex, NTP™ Coating, 680 g/m2More details about 156

NTP™ 650

Nontoxic, UV resistant chemical resistant, weldable, 2 sides NTP coated Polyester

Polyester, 1100 Dtex, NTP™ Coating, 650 g/m2More details about 155

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