Our brands

The Rivertex® range of products are defined by our market leading brands which over the years have established a reputation for Quality, Trust & Innovation. Let Rivertex® Technical Fabrics Group be your trusted partner when performance matters.


When performance matters

Riverseal® is an air-holding, waterproof & weldable TPU Coated Fabric & Film Range
The Riverseal® Trademark stands synonomous for reliable and durable life saving applications.
Since our founding in 1980 Rivertex® Technical Fabrics have been trusted by manufacturers worldwide when performance matters.
When producing materials for life saving applications failure is not an option – the Riverseal® range of technical textiles & films has been designed to offer unrivalled strength and durability.
Riverseal® is used globally as a symbol of reliability & Durability.
Make sure you insist on Riverseal® when performance matters….



Security for quality

Rivertex – Rivertex Technical Fabrics Group have long been at the forefront of Innovation & Quality, built on a history of mutual cooperation, support & trust in all aspects of our business. The Rivertex® branded products encompass all aspects of what the company have to offer from PU, PVC & Silicone coated fabrics to specialist breathable & non-breathable polymers designed for the toughest environments.


NTP™ by Rivertex®

Nontoxic, Durable, Excellence

NTP™ by Rivertex® Technical Fabrics is a range designed to meet the tough everyday requirements of industrial Technical Textiles while offering a Nontoxic alternative to PVC. The NTP® range has been designed, tested & certified to offer excellent weathering, chemical resistance & durability while remaining completely free of solvents and plasticisers commonly used in the production of PVC materials.

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Fire resistant, anti static and multi norm fabics

Riverguard™ by Rivertex® is a market leading range of Flame retardant and Anti-Static fabrics designed to protect in the harshest environments. Riverguard® Multi-norm fabrics are designed to protect people working in hazardous and otherwise challenging environments. The range covers fabrics that combine flame retardant, antistatic, high visibility properties with protection against liquid chemicals and molten metal and electric discharges.