Rivertex attain EN 13795-1 Certification on Reusable Gown Materials

Following months of extensive testing, Rivertex Technical Fabrics Group are pleased to have attained EN 13795-1 approval on our Reusable Gown materials. The Rivermed™ range of materials have achieved the 'High Performance' classification in all testing aspects of EN 13795-1 testing.
The new EN 13795-1 certification comes in addition to the existing performance testing criteria already achieved by the Rivermed™ range of materials, which include:

Reusable gowns offer a life cycle of at least 50 wearer applications as opposed to single use gowns that must be disposed of after every use. The focus to develop & approve long term reusable materials is part of the Rivertex Green Initiative to ensure that our materials not only protect frontline & medical workers from COVID19, but also reduce the reliance on single use plastics within our economy.

Contact your local Rivertex sales office to find out further details on our full range of Reusable medical gown materials. 

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