Meet Claire Venema - Operational Purchaser at Rivertex


Claire Venema recently started as Operational Purchaser with Rivertex. She's not from the industry but has the right experience for this position. We asked her about it.

1. When did you start at Rivertex and can you describe your position? 

I started as an operational purchaser at Rivertex in The Netherlands on February 1, 2023. I was hired as an addition to the existing purchasing department. In addition to the day-to-day activities, I will also focus on further improving and streamlining existing processes within the purchasing department. Among other things, optimizing the current ordering process.

2. What is the focus of your work?

My first focus is to become more familiar with the Rivertex organization and its products.
This is because I am not originally from the industry. Furthermore, I am now gaining insight into the main lines of various processes. This applies to both the general processes and all procurement processes. I am trying to get a clear understanding of how these two fits together.

I am also now focusing on the details/exceptions within our existing procurement package. This is to get more clarity on details and to get a better grip on my work.

This will eventually allow me to start looking at whether we can standardize more within the procurement process and expand on our ordering process.

3. What makes your work interesting? 

No two days are the same. I learn something new every day.
There is a lot to learn about our suppliers, customers and the properties and characteristics of our products. I don't think I will stop learning within Rivertex. And I also expect that there will be enough room and opportunities within Rivertex to further structure/optimize activities.

4. What developments do you see in the industry that affect Rivertex? How will Rivertex respond to them? 

We are a growing company. This will mean that processes will grow accordingly. And that these will also have to be more standardized/adapted.

I expect that if we get a good ordering system with the right system parameters, we can probably get a better grip on our inventory management.  Which products have a fast turnover rate, which items are in our inventory longer.  And that we as a purchasing department can start to manage this better as well.

Final word from Claire

What I would like to give to the customer:
'If you are in a position, try as much as possible (when ordering items), to give a forecast or future demand prediction in advance. We as an organization can better anticipate this. Which has the advantage that we can probably start delivering products faster. '

I am very happy to have been given the opportunity within Rivertex and plan to make it a success.

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