Rivertex® publish new workwear and outdoor uniform brochure.

Rivertex® have released a new P.P.E. brochure, specifically aimed at workwear and uniform fabrics, highlighting some of our high performance fabrics that have been designed to keep you safe, warm and dry at work.

Rivertex® offers a range of fabrics for outdoor uniforms, Fabrics, polar fleeces and Softshells that protect again rain, snow, low temperatures and wind. Our advanced fabrics are coated or laminated and highly technical, durable, representatives and tested to the limit.

Rivertex® fabrics for outdoor workwear garments are created for safety on the job. Our ISO 20471 fabrics provide superior visibility and are suitable for working under bad conditions. Highly technical, durable and safe. Tested and certified to the most recent regulations. Designed to resist harsh conditions during demanding and sometimes dangerous work.

If you are interested in seeing our new P.P.E. workwear and outdoor uniform brochure, please use the 'Contact Us' section of our website where we would be happy to discuss our range further.