Rivertex® 600 SD Colour Fastness comparison chart

Rivertex® 600 SD holds its colour for longer than alternatives

At Rivertex® we developed our new solution dyed range, the Rivertex® 600 SD and the Rivertex® 601 SD FR specifically for outdoor use, as a cover material, suitable for awnings/canopies/boat covers/temporary structures. We know that when you purchase a material, longevity is crucial and while a lot of alternatives can fade over time, leaving your covers or awnings looking bleached and tired, we have ensured that our Rivertex® solution dyed range can stand the test of time, with a superior UV resistance and colour fastness to light.

We are so confident about this that in independent lab testing, we put our material to the test and compared our solution dyed Rivertex® 600 SD to piece dyed polyester and solution dyed acrylic. They were tested at SGS in accordance with ISO 4892-3:2006 Method A Cycle 1. Colour Fastness Comparison Testing (after accelerated weathering) and the results are plain to see.

The Rivertex® SD range is a great product for any application that needs to be left outside for long periods, exposed to weathering and UV rays without compromising its strength.

If you are interested to find out more about the Rivertex® SD range, please use the 'Contact Us' section on the website to speak to a product specialist who can advise you further.