The Riverseal® Difference

Riverseal® has become a beacon of reliability through different market segments, with Marine Safety, Medical and Personal Protection Equipment manufacturers all approving and recommending Riverseal® in crucial life-saving applications.

Riverseal® is essential when performance matters and the range is built around four key area’s:

  • ReliabilityTested, Approved and Certified to International Standards.
    We regularly certify and test our fabrics to the latest standards, both nationally and internationally, to ensure you can rely on Riverseal® when it matters. Approved to ISO, CAA, UL + SOLAS certification and regularly monitored and tested to ensure compliance.

  • DurabilityManufactured to last. All Riverseal® materials are produced using the latest technologies and highest quality raw materials.
    Constructed from most technically engineered and trusted polymers. Riverseal® has market leading CO² and air holding characteristics.

  • QualityQuality Control is at the heart of Riverseal®. Every meter of Riverseal® material is Quality Control inspected to ensure conformity.
    Strict pre-production, in-production and post-productions checks to ensure the highest levels of compliance are met. Continual investment in the latest technology allows for the most advanced levels of product quality control.

  • PerformanceThe Riverseal® range of materials are designed to be used 'when performance matters'.
    Riverseal fabrics are designed with the end user in mind and we know that for and life saving applications, performance really does matter. The Riverseal® Difference is its 20% increased tear and breaking strength. 15% Increased abrasion and puncture resistance.Increased air and CO² holding characteristics. and our Riverseal® exceeds rigorous market standards.

RIVERSEAL® … When Performance Matters