Rivertex Technical Fabrics Group

Rivertex Technical Fabrics Group is a leading manufacturer and supplier of laminated -and coated textiles and unsupported Films. We service over 1000 customers around the world with flexible solutions.

Rivertex Technical Fabrics Group offers a large variety of woven or knitted textiles with a coating or lamination to meet most requirements of applicable European standards; waterproof, breathable, airtight, weldable, UV resistant, fire resistant, Antistatic, etc.

Since our founding in 1980 we have always offered unbiased advice based on our extensive knowledge of product versus application. This knowledge along with the flexibility in our manufacturing capability has enabled us to constantly develop and produce new, high performing products which set market standards.
Rivertex Technical Fabrics Group supply fabrics for a wide range of applications in Marine, Medical, Structures & Tents, Personal Protection (PPE) & Industrial market segments. We are the world’s leading supplier of approved fabrics to the Marine Safety Market for lifejackets and are also extensively involved with Liferafts, Diving Dry Suits, Buoyancy Compensators and emergency/military equipment. We supply materials to many other applications in environmental, ballistic, personal protection, agriculture, containment, sports,  workwear, inflatables and many more. 
With Sales Offices and Warehousing in both the UK, The Netherlands and China we hold a large variety of stock for rapid delivery and have considerable experience with servicing and delivering products around the world.