Riverseal® is an air-holding, waterproof & weldable TPU Coated Fabric & Film Range

The Riverseal® Trademark is registered by Rivertex UK Ltd & is designed to be reliable & durable in life saving applications.
For Over 30 Years Rivertex® Technical Fabrics have been trusted by manufacturers worldwide when performance matters. When producing materials for life saving applications failure is not an option – The Riverseal® range of technical textiles & films has been designed to offer unrivalled strength and durability. Riverseal® is used globally as a symbol of reliability & Durability.

Make sure you insist on Riverseal® when performance matters….

Why Riverseal®
The Riverseal® range of Technical Textiles has now become synonymous with performance. The Riverseal® Brand is a market leader in the field of Life Saving applications and is the culmination of decades of product design, development, certification and a proven track record. Product testing & quality assurance is at the heart of the Riverseal® brand with every meter being inspected and guaranteed to comply the Riverseal® Quality Promise.

The Riverseal® Difference
• High tenacity yarn, offering 20% increased tear and breaking strength.
• 15% superior abrasion and puncture resistance.
• Adhesion layer formulated for durable hydrolysis resistance and bonding strength.
• Riverseal® inflation membrane designed for exceptional CO² and air holding characteristics.
• Approved to ISO, CAA, UL and SOLAS

RIVERSEAL® …When performance matters

To find out more please go to www.riverseal.co.uk or www.riverseal.eu